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Top 3 free android games September 2016

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If you are looking to pass some time and tease your brain a bit, then these top 3 September picks will do just that.

Flip Diving:

As you can already guess from the name is that you will be diving. What you might not know is that this game is surprisingly addictive. The graphics are stunning compared to earlier stick figure diving games and offers amazing gamplay physics.

As you earn money in game, you will be able to unlock new dive moves. This allows for varying levels of difficulty not only in the dive, but also with each new stage. You only need one finger to play this game, but it will provide you with loads of hours of enjoyment.

Train Conductor:

Train Conductor is a funny little puzzle typed game. You have to use timing and think on your feet to get each of the trains to its proper track to earn points. Once you earned enough points, you will then be rewarded with a railway track piece which you can use to get to other cities/stages.

Cute and colourful level designs and a lovely audio FX to match. There is a kind of a story, but you don’t really have to take note of it. You can skip it and get right into the game in my opinion. I will certainly be playing this game for a while as each stage/city brings new challenges, and that is something a really appreciate in puzzle games.


Vovu is a relaxing puzzle game, which you can play at your own pace. There is nice tranquil background music to keep you calm. It is even recommended to play the game with your headphones on, so you can stay in a chilled vibe. Even so, there are some levels that are bound to get you frustrated.

In the first 8 or so stages the game will teach you most of what you need to know, and from there onwards you are all on your own. Try to relax and think about each move and you will be puzzling it up like a pro. 

I hope you guys and girls liked our app suggestions for this September. Leave us a comment on how you felt about the games. 


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