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Top 3 free android games August 2016

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Get ready for some awesome platformers and stunning graphics. Our picks for August 2016 will have you tickled for the rest of the year.


You play as AJ, an inter-galactic alien Zombie hunter, who just so happens to be a juice fender as well. You set up shop on planet earth, and as your supplies run dry (zombies), you need to catch more zombies to make juice for your customers.

Zombie Catcher is a 3rd person side scrolling stage based game. You use your trusty harpoon gun and side-kick Bud to trap zombies and make delicious juice from them. The game also provides upgrades to your arsenal, with weapons and equipment.

Easy to learn and smooth gameplay, makes this game a must to play.



Cattch is a fun and colourful platformer. You play as a cat who is just trying to get some rest. But something has invaded the world. You have to venture out and rescue your friends as you bash, jump and double jump your way through obstacles.

The game comes with a comic book-styled storyline for you to interpret. Very easy to understand the mechanics even before the game explains it to you (Double Jumping). Straight forward keys layout, simple fun for all ages.



If you are a fan of the Rick and Morty show and Pokemon then you are in for a treat. Pocket Morty takes characters from the Rick and Morty show and puts them in a Pokemon styled world. You have to catch and train all sorts of different Mortys.

With all the craze of Pokemon Go out there, this game just adds to that Pokemon fever. If you played any of the Pokemon red, blue etc. then you will understand this game.

The graphics are much better and 3D looking with funny dialogue to keep you interested. Travel through this funny looking world and catch them all.

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