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Overwatch Review and Update - PC Review

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By now most of us know what Overwatch is and not much needs to be said, but none the less we have to say something.  It has quickly become one of the top running FPS (First Person Shooter) games this year since its release in May. With its diverse character selection and variety of gameplay styles, it offers players the freedom to enjoy the game how they want it to be enjoyed.


Overwatch has 4 major character classes: Offensive class, for those players who want to inflict high damage. Defensive class, from ice walls to turrets, these guys can block almost anything. Tank class, if you like rampaging through enemies, then this is your class, this class also allows players to play a strong defence for their teammates. And lastly is the Support class, this class has minimal damage but is very handy to heal and buff your allies.


Season 2 Patch Update:

The Skill rating system for season 2 will change from 1-100 to 1-5000 and it will move players up or down in whole numbers as appose to moving in unknown increments. This change comes because the developers of Overwatch felt players shouldn’t be too attached to it, rather it should be read as a skill level only.  

In the cases of sudden death, coin tosses will go away. And each round after the first capture round there will be an additional 30 seconds for comeback purposes. Bonus time will be reduced from two minutes to one minute. So players will need to work more cohesively to get the job done.


The grouping of Skill rated players with higher or lower players will be sorted out to better match up players. The developers are trying to narrow the gap down, but the aim is to get friends on same level to play together instead of random skill rating players.


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